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1. Is the marriage license fee included in the packages?
Yes the marriage license and certified copy fees are included in our package prices.

Bahamas design2. Will our marriage be valid internationally?
Yes your marriage is valid internationally. We will furnish a certified marriage certificate from the Registrar General office of the Bahamas that is an international accepted legal document that can be filed in your home town.

3. Is there a time period we are required to be in the Bahamas prior to the wedding?
Yes you are required to be in the Bahamas 24hours prior to your wedding day.

4. Are there tuxedo rentals and wedding dress boutiques available to rent or purchase these items?
Yes there are tuxedo rentals and wedding dress boutiques to accommodate our clients.

5. Is it possible to extend any of the services to a longer period of time that is listed in the package?
Yes, but an additional costs once confirmed by the vendor.

6. Are there alternate accommodations should there be inclement weather on your wedding day?
If the wedding is held at a resort, there are always alternate accommodations should there be inclement weather. However, should the location be chosen by the client and is at a private home or location then, we will not be responsible for an alternate location and will try to accommodate the client.

7. Will we have a choice of restaurants, music and locations offered in the packages?
Yes there will be a choice of these services based on the company lists as these are included in the packages. However, the client has the choice to upgrade to higher services not listed in the packages.

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